Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Busy Day

Today has been a really busy day. And I didn't have my kids after 10 AM until about 6:30 PM. Baker got the kids fed and I got them dressed. While they were eating, I cleaned my dining room. This is the room where I just dump stuff on the table and walk away. VERY BAD HABIT. So today it got cleaned and dusted. Wahoo!!!!!!!!! Here's a picture.

After the kids got picked up it was time to make jam. We have a slope behind our house that has a ton of wild blackberry bushes. Baker and I have been picking them for days to try and get enough. We didn't quite make it so we had to add a few half-pints of store bought blackberries to the mix. As it turned out we didn't have enough sugar so I ended up having to go to the store and buy some, and of course a few other items like sushi (spicy shrimp and soft shell crap), Brie, and French bread. Then I came home and made jam. The recipe made 8 containers of Wild Blackberry Jam.

After that I had a late lunch and then went to work on the SCS challenges that I posted earlier. Baker came home right after I finished them. I took my pictures, uploaded them to SCS, and then made my blog posts. I also made Beer-Can Chicken for dinner. I learned how to make it last month when I visited my friend Pam in PA. Thanks again John. We loved it and it was so easy to make.
Whew!!!!!! I'm wiped out and it's not even bedtime yet. I will try to be better about posting to here and to Smugmug's, which I will be doing after bathtime.

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sharonm said...

Wow, what a gorgeous dining room!