Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 17: A door

Barb posted:

Day 17, march 17th. Take a photo of a door or something you like on a door. What is it about this door or hanging item you chose? Was it about the color, the arrangement? Do you like the door because it has a lot of glass in it or no glass, etc? Also, today is Saint Patrick’s Day, I’m sure you can find something on someone’s door.
I teach at a middle school and one of my fellow teachers always decorates her door every month. I find it rather amusing that she is the photography teacher and I am taking pictures of her door.

Day 16: Whispering

Barb posted:

Day 16, March 16th. If you could whisper something in someone’s ear, what would it be? Take a photo of someone whispering or set it up yourself. If you don’t want to take this type of photo, then take a photo of who’d you’d be whispering to. Write about what you’d say, who’d you’d say it to or why you maybe whispering?

I love it when my kids tell me they have a secret and want to whisper it in my ear. 9 out of 10 times they tell me that they love me. The other time they might actually have a secret to share. And here they are.

Day 15: the Phone

Barb posted:

Day 15, March 15th. Take a photo of someone in your household who talks on the phone the most. You can take a photo of them while they’re on the phone. How many hours or minutes do they spend on the phone a day? Who are they talking to all the time?

Baker spends the most time in our house on the phone. A lot of his job is done over the phone and people are constantly calling. He even has 2 cellphones: one for work, one for personal use.

Day 14: Sibling

Barb posted:

Day 14, March 14th. Take a photo of one of your siblings doing something they love or a hobby they love. How did they get into this hobby or whatever it is? When did it start? Don’t have any siblings? Take a photo of one of your best friends.

I will be seeing my brother this week at the beach. I am sure I will be able to get a photo of him will he is reading or playing cards.

It was really easy to take this photo. My mom, brother, and I are all readers. None of us leave the house without a book in our possession. You never know when you might get stuck in traffic.

My brother, Gary, is reading a book by one of our favorite authors, Laurell K. Hamilton. She writes fantasy novels and they are great.

Day 13: TV Show

Barb posted:
Day 13, March 13th. Take a photo that relates to your favorite TV show. Example: If you like to watch “Lost” you may take a photo of the woods, an airplane, someone sexy. Use your imagination. Just think about your favorite show and you will come up with a lot of options. Now, write about why you like this show so much or your favorite character in the show. Make a list of your other favorites if you want.

I took a photo of Baker's badge because I love cop shows. We watch all the CSI's, all the L&O's, and even Cops.

Day 12: Mailbox

Barb posted:

Day 12, March 12th. Take a photo of an unusual mailbox. Or several. What draws you to this particular mailbox? Is this something you’d want in front of your own house? If you could have any mailbox and it wouldn’t be a problem to make, what would you like to have?

I am hoping to see an unusual mailbox while I am on vacation in Florida. Look back next week.

Well I got to see a lot of unique mailboxes while I was in Key West. We drove from Miami down to the keys. One of the more popular mailboxes that I saw were some manatee mailboxes. Try as I might I was not able to get a picture. Got lots of pictures of moving cars though. Since I couldn't take one, Baker even offered to turn around several times, I googled them and found this photo.

Now for my photo. I saw several of these on our drives around the island. Don't you just love cats.

Day 11: Sign

Barb posted:

Day 11, March 11th. Take a photo of a sign that brings a smile to your face. Did it make you laugh out loud? What is it about this sign that you liked?

I used to live in Michigan where signs like this one were all over and you never thought much about them. I moved to Virginia 15 years ago and to Southwest Virginia 5 1/2 years ago. We don't see signs like this very often but everytime I do they bring a smile to my face.

Day 10: Tree

Barb posted:

Day 10, March 10th. Take a photo of your favorite tree. Write about the smells it gives off, the color, and/or the textures. Why is this particular tree your favorite?

My favorite trees are lilacs and willows. I will update once I have some photos.

I never made it by my old house to take a picture of my lilacs. One of the reasons it is my favorite tree/bush is that when I was growing up there was a huge one just outside my bedroom that smelled wonderful when it was blooming.

The willow is my favorite tree for several reasons. One, I love the way a weeping willow looks when the wind blows. It just looks majestic. Another reason I like it is because of a story I read when I was little. It had to do with a woman who lived in a willow tree and about getting her house in order because a storm was coming. If anyone knows the title please let me know. Here is a picture of a young willow on the edge of our property.

Day 9: Keys

Barb posted:

Day 9, March 9th. Take a photo of your key ring. Don’t take anything off before you take the photo. Do you know what every key is to? Is there a mystery key? Write or list what those keys are for. If you have a mystery key, how long are you going to keep it on there? If you have other stuff on your key ring, why are they there? What does those things represent?

I have to key rings: one for home and one for school. The home key ring has a key to our Pilot and a key to our house. It also has a CVS card, Kroger card, Foodlion card, and a BAC card. My school key chain has my room key, a key to my house (it is the blue one), a chapstick in a lepord print holder, and my school id. My keys are really simply and I use everything on them.



Day 8: Two People

Barb posted:

Day 8, March 8th. Take a photo where there is at least two people in it. Why did you choose these two people? Was it random? Are they people you love? Strangers? Where was it taken?

I choose Dave and Michelle for my two people because they are about to be three. This photo was taken at their baby shower. Dave is one of Baker's co-workers. And the baby shower was thrown by Tiffany, another co-worker. The shower was at Famous Anthony's Restaurant.

Day 7: Clothing

Barb posted:

Day 7, March 7th. Take a photo of the same piece of clothing you wear at least twice a week. Do you love this item or is it something you have to wear because you just haven’t gotten out to buy something new? How did you feel about it when you first got it? Did someone give it to you as a gift or did you buy it? Where did you buy it? Was it on sell? Write about it.

This photo and one of my student's comments finally got me to have my roots done. I can't believe I let it go this long. On to the prompt.

I love this sweater. It replaced a sweater that I got my senior year in high school and still had up until about a year ago. I think that the laundry fairy threw it away. I did have it for close to 15 years and it did have lots of holes. This is the sweater that I wear when I get cold. It is wool and it is incredibly soft and warm. And I love the color. I got it 2 years ago for Christmas from my in-laws and I LOVE IT!!! It is from L.L. Bean and the style is still available but not the color. They have different colors every year. It is called the Swift River Cardigan.

Day 6: My Town

Barb posted:

Day 6, March 6th. Take a photo of something about your town in which you either love, hate or find unique. Write about why you either love or hate this about your town, or that you find unique that other towns may not have. If you want, you could choose all three things to write about.

One of the places I love about Roanoke is the Star. I liked it even before I learned anything about it. You can see it from my in-laws front porch (which I would love to have that view). And it is one of my daughter's favorite sites around town.


One of the things I dislike is the new art museum building that is being built. It is way to modern for a medium size town. It sticks out like a sore them.


Day 5: Weather

Barb posted:

Day 5, March 5th. Today, take a picture outside of your weather. If you are someone who can’t get outside, then if it’s raining then take a photo of boots or a raincoat. If snowing maybe a photo of your winter hat or winter coat or gloves. Now, write about why March is your favorite or not favorite month of the year.

Our weather has been great this year. Only one snow day and it happened on a teacher workday. This means that we have not had to use a single one of our make-up days. We actually get to have scheduled 3 day weekends. YEAH!!!!!!!! This is a picture of the kids playing in the cars that they got for Christmas. It has been really windy lately but in the 40-50's.

March is one of my favorite months because one of our family traditions is this month, the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We have gone every year since Regan was born. We will miss it this year because Regan has a Daisy Girl Scout event, but may be next year her troop will be in it.

Day 4: Parents

Barb posted:

Day 4, March 4th. How long has it been since you captured a recent photo of your parents? If your parents are deceased, then take a photo of someone older that you respect. Write a little about what you respect about them.

I will be seeing both my mom and my dad and step-mom this week so I will post pictures later.

One of the things that I respect about my mom is that she is always trying new things. It doesn't matter if it is traveling to a new place, like China, or taking wine classes by herself. One of the things my mom is not real great at is all the new technology that is out there today. For this trip she finally bought a digital camera and entered a new world for her. YEAH MOM!!!!! Baker snapped a picture of her taking a picture of the kids.

Next up are my Dad and step-mom. I respect both of them a great deal. One of the reasons I respect my Dad is that he has never, ever said a bad thing about my Mom even after they have been divorced for more than 20 years. He did want my brother and I to ever think anything bad about her so he left us to think that he was always the bad guy. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I finally understand why my dad did some of the things that he did. Thanks dad for always putting us first even if we didn't get it. And then there is my step-mom. The thing I respect most about her is that she stayed. No matter what my brother and I did to her or my dad she stayed, and I have to admit we were both total monsters at times. She and my dad have been together for a really long time, around 20 years I think they have actually been married. I hope you two have at least 20 more together. Here is a picture of the two of them from this past week.

Day 3: Artwork

Barb posted:

Day 3-March 3rd- Take a photo of your child’s artwork or your own if you don’t have children. You could take a photo of any type of artwork you’d like. Write about how you make the decision on how long to keep this artwork. Do you give it as gifts, make it into cards, do you take a photo of it and then throw it away?

Here are pictures of my kids artwork that they brought home. We keep everything for a year unless it is made from food, in that case we take a photo and toss the object when the kids are not looking. After the school year is over, Baker and I sit down and go the box for each child deciding what to keep and what to get rid off. We keep everything that is all theirs, in other words it is not a coloring page or a work sheet. We keep a few examples of their school work and I take pictures of the 3-D items. This mask will probably go in a shadow box and be put in our craft room or Regan's room. The duck might make it in the keep pile, ask me in July.

Regan's Artwork

Alek's Artwork

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 2: Newspaper

Here is what Barb posted:

Day 2 –March 2nd Take a photo of your daily newspaper. Add beside it what you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Whatever time of day you normally read the paper.

Every morning Baker goes out and gets the paper and does the crossword puzzle. He leaves the rest of the paper either on the stove or on the kitchen table. While I am getting the kids lunches and mine ready I usually flip through the paper. I am not a morning eater and I don't drink coffee. My breakfast of champion is a Mt. Dew.

Day 1: Goals

Here is what Barb posted:

Day 1 –March 1st-I know most of you have set some type of goal for this year. Take a photo of something to do with one of your goals you have for this year.

One of my personal goals this year is to get my kids photo albums up to date. As many of you know I just finished Alek's baby book this past fall and he just turned 4 in January. Not to mention Regan just turned 6. I have a lot of work to do. Because I am usually the one taking pictures there are very few pictures of me. Last summer, when I went to visit my friend Pam, she took a picture of me working on Alek's baby album and I thought it would be perfect for this.

31 Days of March Challenge

At the end of last month a lady on one of my yahoo groups challenged us to participate in her 31 days of March Challenge. Everyday in March she is going to post a prompt that requires a photo and some journaling. We have the option of also creating a scrapbook for it. I am doing mine in a 7X7 CM album but part of the challenge is to have it all of it posted by April 1st. What does this mean. You all are going to see a ton of posts because I'm going to go ahead and post my pictures and journaling now and not what for the finished pages. If you want to check out the challenge go visit Barb's Blog.

Crazy Daisy Day

This past Saturday my daughter's Daisy Girl Scout troop participate in an outing called Crazy Daisy Day at our Roanoke Girl Scout Center. They got to earn 4 petals, have fun, meet new friends, and learn fire safety. Check out some videos that have been posted on one of our local news stations, WSLS. Once you are there scroll down a little to the videos, there are 3. Let me know what you think of the videos by leaving a comment on this blog. Thanks for taking a look at the girls. Here is a photo of them having fun.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pam's Creative Memories Cards and Tags

A couple of years ago my friend Pam asked me to make her some cards and tags to use in her business, Creative Memories. I said sure and I have been making them every since. This is the first batch where I used the new, current SU set Taking Care of Business. My wonderful demo, Melissa, let me borrow her set. All of Pam's cards and tags are made with Creative Memories papers. (By the way I am out of solid colored paper, still have lots of patterned paper). Pam provides the paper, I provide the stamps, ink, and work, and I get CM products in return. All in all a great deal.
I hope you like them this time Pam.
Pammy, here is a sneak pick at the cards and tags that are going in the mail tomorrow. I hope you like them all.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Finally Scrapped

I finally found time to craft. The church that we go to has a scrapbooking fellowship that meets the 2nd Saturday of every month. One of my friends runs it and has been trying to get me to go for a year, but I have always had a reason not to go. And it's free. I had a blast. I got 13 sides (pages) completed while I was there. I finally learned how to use my Cricut that I have had for almost a year. I used it on the Jade Factory lay out. I had started this album almost 3 years ago. As soon as we got home I had the pictures developed and I power layed out all the pictures. I then bought my consultant Pam out of all her Asian Myabi/Mysabi CM paper and stickers. I did about 5 pages and hated every single one. While I liked the paper and the stickers, none of it was my style. Last fall while on a trip to AC Moore I found a slab of paper called Far East. It was on sale for $9.99 and I loved all the papers in it. I bought 2 and then get some metallic mat stacks that matched almost perfectly. I love how the pages turned out. Now I just have to find the time to finish the album. LOL. And Pammy check out all the journaling. There is a ton on the shen lu page but it just blended in. The whole time I was there you were in my head saying, "Crop those photos! Write, write, write!"