Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 20 Morning Routine

Barb posted:

Ladies, take a photo of your makeup or your routine in the mornings. For the guys: Take a photo of what your morning routine is or the things you use like a razor, shaving cream, etc. Now, write about how long you take each morning to get ready. What is your morning routine?

My morning is simple. I wake up to my husband's alarm and turn on Channel 7 morning news. I get up and take a shower and brush my teeth. Then while Baker is showering I pack my lunch and Regan's snack for school. After Baker is finished in the bathroom I blow dry my hair, get dressed, and put my make-up on. Then I help Baker get the kids ready for school. The last thing I do is take Regan to the bus stop and Alek to preschool. Then it is off to school for me too.

Here is a picture of my make-up. I just went and got it updated. Until a week ago I did not wear eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, or lip gloss. I use only Clinque make-up. It is about the only thing that doesn't make my face break out or get too dry.

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