Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 26 Purse

Barb posted:

What’s in your purse or wallet? Dump it out and take a photo of it. Come on! You know it needs cleaned out anyway. Why do you carry around the stuff you have in there?

Here is a picture of my purse:

These are the things that I always carry with me. I have my little betsy purse that I keep my wallet and phone in so that I can grab that for a quick run into a store or the gas station. Then I have my coupon holder, almonds, lip glass, pens and pencils, work key chain, eye glasses, check book, digital camera, a book, and itch gel.

I always carry a book and my camera. You never know when you will get stuck in traffic or when a great photo oppurtunity might present itself.

I even had to dig out my old digital camera that my 6 year old now uses to take the photo with my camera in it.

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