Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 24 Wall Hanging

Barb posted:

Take a photo of something in your house that you’ve had on the wall for at least three years. Why is it still there? Do you still like it or has it just blended in the woodwork? Who hung it up, you or your spouse or someone else? Would you like to replace it or keep it?

We recently moved and have not hung up anything yet. I did take a picture of a tryptic that we have had for almost seven years and this will be the third house whose walls it will grace. In our house in Alexanderia the set of 3 paintings was in the living, in Blue Ridge they were in the dining room, and here they will be above our bed in the master bedroom. The really amazing thing about the paintings is that my mom got them at a garage sale for $25. We planned out our living around the painting, we planned out our dining room around it, and it fits in with the 9 photos that decorate our bedroom that I took while I was in China. These are definately something that we will be keeping.

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