Sunday, April 6, 2008

Day 31 Me

Barb posted:

Get someone to take a photo of yourself or you take it by setting up the camera on timer. Now write about one feature you like about yourself and one you don’t. Write a little about what you’ve chosen.

The picture I choose to use is of me and the kids on St. Patrick's Day.

One feature I like about myself is my hair. I can do just about anything with it. Now I just have to remember to make appointments, in a timely manner, to get my roots done. It looks so much better. Both kids got my hair. Regan's hair is very thick but fine just like mine was before puberty. Alek's hair is thick and very course, like mine is now.
The thing I don't like is the extra weight that I carry around my midsection. It is something that I have decided needs to be fixed. And now rather than later.

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