Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 9: Keys

Barb posted:

Day 9, March 9th. Take a photo of your key ring. Don’t take anything off before you take the photo. Do you know what every key is to? Is there a mystery key? Write or list what those keys are for. If you have a mystery key, how long are you going to keep it on there? If you have other stuff on your key ring, why are they there? What does those things represent?

I have to key rings: one for home and one for school. The home key ring has a key to our Pilot and a key to our house. It also has a CVS card, Kroger card, Foodlion card, and a BAC card. My school key chain has my room key, a key to my house (it is the blue one), a chapstick in a lepord print holder, and my school id. My keys are really simply and I use everything on them.



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