Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 5: Weather

Barb posted:

Day 5, March 5th. Today, take a picture outside of your weather. If you are someone who can’t get outside, then if it’s raining then take a photo of boots or a raincoat. If snowing maybe a photo of your winter hat or winter coat or gloves. Now, write about why March is your favorite or not favorite month of the year.

Our weather has been great this year. Only one snow day and it happened on a teacher workday. This means that we have not had to use a single one of our make-up days. We actually get to have scheduled 3 day weekends. YEAH!!!!!!!! This is a picture of the kids playing in the cars that they got for Christmas. It has been really windy lately but in the 40-50's.

March is one of my favorite months because one of our family traditions is this month, the St. Patrick's Day Parade. We have gone every year since Regan was born. We will miss it this year because Regan has a Daisy Girl Scout event, but may be next year her troop will be in it.

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