Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 3: Artwork

Barb posted:

Day 3-March 3rd- Take a photo of your child’s artwork or your own if you don’t have children. You could take a photo of any type of artwork you’d like. Write about how you make the decision on how long to keep this artwork. Do you give it as gifts, make it into cards, do you take a photo of it and then throw it away?

Here are pictures of my kids artwork that they brought home. We keep everything for a year unless it is made from food, in that case we take a photo and toss the object when the kids are not looking. After the school year is over, Baker and I sit down and go the box for each child deciding what to keep and what to get rid off. We keep everything that is all theirs, in other words it is not a coloring page or a work sheet. We keep a few examples of their school work and I take pictures of the 3-D items. This mask will probably go in a shadow box and be put in our craft room or Regan's room. The duck might make it in the keep pile, ask me in July.

Regan's Artwork

Alek's Artwork

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