Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 12: Mailbox

Barb posted:

Day 12, March 12th. Take a photo of an unusual mailbox. Or several. What draws you to this particular mailbox? Is this something you’d want in front of your own house? If you could have any mailbox and it wouldn’t be a problem to make, what would you like to have?

I am hoping to see an unusual mailbox while I am on vacation in Florida. Look back next week.

Well I got to see a lot of unique mailboxes while I was in Key West. We drove from Miami down to the keys. One of the more popular mailboxes that I saw were some manatee mailboxes. Try as I might I was not able to get a picture. Got lots of pictures of moving cars though. Since I couldn't take one, Baker even offered to turn around several times, I googled them and found this photo.

Now for my photo. I saw several of these on our drives around the island. Don't you just love cats.

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sharonm said...

The cat was cool....