Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 10: Tree

Barb posted:

Day 10, March 10th. Take a photo of your favorite tree. Write about the smells it gives off, the color, and/or the textures. Why is this particular tree your favorite?

My favorite trees are lilacs and willows. I will update once I have some photos.

I never made it by my old house to take a picture of my lilacs. One of the reasons it is my favorite tree/bush is that when I was growing up there was a huge one just outside my bedroom that smelled wonderful when it was blooming.

The willow is my favorite tree for several reasons. One, I love the way a weeping willow looks when the wind blows. It just looks majestic. Another reason I like it is because of a story I read when I was little. It had to do with a woman who lived in a willow tree and about getting her house in order because a storm was coming. If anyone knows the title please let me know. Here is a picture of a young willow on the edge of our property.

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